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What I Believe

I'm a conservative and a Christian.

I think that high taxes are a power grab to control people. The same things that social programs achieve can be achieved cheaper and more efficiently through charity. We wouldn't get ripped off by people who game the system by lying and by people who don't want to work.

Family is extremely important and I think that most child protection laws should be repealed. I think that parents should have the freedom to teach their children whatever they please without retribution, unless of course it's hateful. Even then, the government has no right to step in.

Public school should only teach math, writing, and reading. They don't need the dozens of extra-curricular activities and sports that are tax-payer funded. They don't even need the school buildings. Education could be done completely online, with internet subsidized to people who can't afford broadband.

Of course, I support the home-schooling alternative.

What I really want is for everyone to just get along. Peace on Earth. All of that good stuff.

Psalm 34:14

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.