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About me

  • I am a believer of intelligent design - I believed in intelligent design before the term was even widely used.
  • I am pro-choice, but believe abortion should be used only as last resort where the health and quality of life are threatened, and only if the fetus could not possibly survive outside the womb. Should technology evolve to allow implanted embryos to survive outside the womb, I think that technology should be used instead.
  • I believe Jesus died and rose again, and that his miracles were real. I also believe that faith is stronger than any attempts to mock it, so that reading items with a non-Christian point of view does not threaten my faith.
  • I prefer to proofread articles rather than create them.
  • I believe that the church and society-at-large have different definitions of what a "homosexual" is. Society at large defines homosexuality based on desires, not actions. The church defines homosexuality based on actions, not desires. This is why it is possible for ex-homosexuals to exist based on changes in their actions. The desires are like an addiction to relationships, and like any addiction, possibility for relapse exists, as well as possibility to refrain from addictive actions. I have gay friends, and my experience with them bears this out. Like any addiction, the possibility of disease from unprotected sex is sometimes not enough to break the addiction.
  • I believe that self-pleasuring is not a sin, but the actions of fornication and homosexuality are. Sex is a natural human need, both before and after marriage. The actions can be suppressed, but the desires are a reflection of human nature.
  • I believe that pornography is a sin, because it debases other human beings and instead changes their status to mere objects without personalities or souls, and distorts the emotional context. It also holds up a false and distorted ideal of beauty, created with silicone implants, cosmetics, and photo editing.
  • I believe that everyone (with one sole exception, and that exception is not me) is a sinner. Nobody currently on earth is immune to the 7 deadly sins: Greed, gluttony, envy, wrath, lust, sloth, and pride. Likewise, nobody is perfect. I do currently edit Uncyclopedia, since making fun of these common human vices is fun. I do also understand that certain humor sites are not for everyone, since they may have some adult content, and occasionally crude vandalism, which I enjoy reverting.
  • I believe that hard honest work improves self-esteem, and promotes a sense of accomplishment.
  • I believe that self-censorship is the only truly effective form of censorship. Crass, dirty talk is a form of immaturity.
  • I graduated from a public high school, and a Christian university.