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I am an administrator on the English Wikipedia as User:Walton One.

I am from the United Kingdom and intend to remedy Conservapedia's inadequate coverage of UK topics. I am currently a student at the University of Oxford reading law. I'm also a cadet in the Officers Training Corps, a non-deployable training unit of the Territorial Army, and have a major interest in military affairs.

Politically I'm a conservative, leaning libertarian (by American standards I'd probably be classed as fairly libertarian). I support David Cameron and am an activist for the UK Conservative Party.

I support John McCain in the US presidential election; I think he's conservative where it counts (i.e. on economic matters; low taxes, small government, etc.) but moderate otherwise. Also, as he's served in the military and been a prisoner of war (unlike any of the other candidates), he has a real understanding of war from both perspectives, and is therefore uniquely qualified to be Commander-in-Chief.

My Wikipedia userpage can be found here, replete with userboxes.