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President George W. Bush.
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I joined on November 20, 2020 after searching for a wiki that doesn’t have a communist bias, I found this site and decided to sign up, I enjoy making articles and improving them.

Guide for New Editors

New users, if you are editing an article I suggest using the preview/changes before publishing to see if the content adds anything of value to the articles, if you publish vandalism, it will get spotted very easily by the users here, and not only will your “work” be reverted, but you run the risk of being banned.

Also use the Useful Links above, those contain everything you need to be a good editor at Conservapedia, I’ll see you around.

~ yeschayi

Explanation on Wikiprojects

Wikiprojects are subject based projects (hence the name) that allow other people interested in that topic to help others form those types of articles, for example. Wikiproject:Medicine deals with articles within the topic of Medicines.


Vandalism: Someone who makes edits that are not encyclopedic or are parodies.
Sockpuppet: Someone who operates more than 1 account for the purpose of vandalising or bypassing a ban or block.
Copyright: Content should be written by yourself.
Constructive editor: An editor who brings lots of new content which is well written to the site.

What is Conservapedia?

Conservapedia is an alternative to Wikipedia for those who don't enjoy Wikipedia's Communist bias.

Jacques Berlinerblau, an atheist, declared "the Golden age of Secularism has passed"
This user is not a fan of Pelosi or AOC