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You seem to be deleting large sections of articles for no reason. Please stop. This will get you banned by Aschlafly, and I'm sure you're not trying to do anythin wrong. For instance, you deleted a section in an article on "Tecumseh's curse" by saying you'd never heard of it. A simple search would have shown you dozens of articles about Tecumseh. It is perhaps the most famous curse in American history. Here is one example: [1] Please do your research and don't be sloppy. I'll be looking at your edits and revertng deletion of facts as neccessary. This is more for your own good than anything. Some on this site are very quick to judge others as vandals. Especially bad for you is that this site recently had another Bill vandalise it, so that is the first thing I thought of. --Juanga

Juanga is exactly right. Don't delete (censor) information here that complies with our rules. Let the reader decide. This is not Wikipedia. Thanks.--Aschlafly 02:49, 5 April 2007 (EDT)