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Good start on voting law analysis. Some comments are below:

Tennessee does not have no-excuse absentee voting nor early voting.

In fact, Tennessee has expansive early voting over a 20-day period. It was one of the first states to adopt early voting in substantial numbers.

Mississippi does not have early voting, and Mississippi requires an excuse to cast an absentee ballot.

Perhaps, but absentee voting is immense in some states even though they require an excuse, such as Virginia and South Carolina.

Pennsylvania requires an excuse to vote absentee. Additionally, Pennsylvania's voter ID law requires absentee voters to include a copy of their voter ID, a Pennsylvania driver's license number, or the last four digits of their Social Security Number.

Pennsylvania has been a leader in protecting traditional voting. One newspaper in Pennsylvania (Lancaster) publicly opposed early voting.

South Carolina
Absentee-by-mail and absentee-in-person voting require an excuse.

A high-ranking public official openly admitted that far more people were voting by absentee ballots than appeared to be legitimate based on the excuse requirement. But he's doing nothing about the obvious flouting of the law.

Texas requires an excuse to vote absentee. During legislative debates on Texas's voter ID law, the sponsor of the law cited the availability of absentee ballots (which do not require ID) to defeat amendments that would have reduced the ID requirements for some voters.

Texas has broad early voting, but most of it is in-person, rather than by mail.

Wisconsin has no-excuse absentee voting.[12] Wisconsin's voter ID law would have required absentee voters to include a copy of valid voter ID with their application or completed ballot; however, this only needs to be done once until the voter re-registers.

Wisconsin trimmed its early voting period for 2012.