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Hi religiosity in Finland? I don't think so.
Qprime, your entry here as been cited as a parodist edit that warrants blocking your account. Please explain:
  1. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Anti Global Warming movie, the earth freezes over after humans try to reduce green house gas effect.

--Aschlafly 09:46, 16 August 2008 (EDT)

parodist? my friend and i watched the movie and that's what understood it to be about.. isn't that what the movie is about?? if i am wrong I'm sorry I'm just trying to contribute... i can go ahead and revert it if you like. i also posted another movie in that entry about the 6th day, was that thought to be a joke too?

I'm kind of hurt that someone would think of my contributions as nothing but a joke. :( if anyone has a problem with my contributions there is a talk page. I'm more than willing to explain myself, but to go and report me for a misunderstanding. i thought conservapedia was a place where fair, and like minded individuals could spread the truth without the oppressive editing of wikipedia, apparently i'm not allowed to contribute without being insulted..

oh, I'm sorry :/ i just read up a summary of the movie... i was wrong. it definitely shouldn't be on the list, i feel kind of stupid now... sorry about the mistake...