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Hello, RobSteff, and welcome to Conservapedia!

We're glad you are here to edit. We ask that you read our Editor's Guide before you edit.

At the right are some useful links for you. You can include these links on your user page by putting "{{Useful links}}" on the page. Any questions--ask!

Thanks for reading, RobSteff!

Note when creating/improving articles

Hello User:RobSteff, thank you for your edits and article creations! They are very helpful!

I want to let you know that Conservapedia prohibits copying content from Wikipedia (see Conservapedia:Guidelines#Copying From Other Sources). Wikipedia's terms prohibit copying its content, and thus, doing so is plagiarism. The only exception is when the content you're copying is completely your 100% original work. Please keep this in mind in future edits.

Once again, welcome, and thank your for your edits! --1990'sguy (talk) 16:37, 18 August 2019 (EDT)

Thank you, I will pay utmost attention to it! :-) --RobSteff (talk) 16:59, 18 August 2019 (EDT)

Velvet Revolution

CP doesn't have an article on the Velvet Revolution. If you're interested, you could create a quality article on it (of course, you don't have to if you're interested in other topics). Like usual, please follow CP's guidelines when doing so. Thank you for all your edits! --1990'sguy (talk) 18:31, 18 August 2019 (EDT)

Also, just as a heads-up, CP has editing restrictions during the night-time, U.S. time. Thus, during the morning in Europe (based on your user page, I'm assuming you live in Europe), you won't be able to edit. Please don't be surprised at this (this is a normal thing for most editors), and if it's an inconvenience, you can request the site owner to give you an exemption. --1990'sguy (talk) 20:08, 18 August 2019 (EDT)
Great idea! I will look into it and collect all relevant literature. In the meantime, I can create at least a short article listing some very basic facts about the Velvet Revolution.--RobSteff (talk) 13:55, 19 August 2019 (EDT)