Vaccine FAQ

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1. How many different vaccines are children recommended to have?

10-20 doses, and even more when booster shots are included.

2. Have there been cases of whooping cough and mumps in children who received these vaccinations?

Vaccines have caused serious side effects and the disease itself in some children. Other vaccines, such as chickenpox, are only partially effective, and must be retaken every few years.

3. What risks and problems does any vaccine carry?

Vaccine manufacturers admit that they cause serious effects including death. Less serious side effects include non-deadly, but painful reactions which can last for several days.

4. Is it possible to get mercury poisoning from vaccines?

According to the EPA, a 20-pound child could safely tolerate 0.9 micrograms of mercury, but the flu shot contains 25 micrograms of mercury.

5. How many vaccines are required of children, as in New Jersey?

It keeps increasing. As of the 2005-2006, there were twelve vaccines required for New Jersey children in elementary and middle school. We're probably over 20 now, including the multiple doses.[1]