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VeggieTales is a series of videos by Big Idea starring walking, talking, and singing vegetables, which tries to teach biblical values.

The shows are usually hosted by Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

They usually tell stories which range from Bible stories to parodies of classic stories like Sherlock Holmes or even Shakespeare's Hamlet. In the middle of the show Larry the Cucumber often does a silly song, such as "Everybody's Got a Water Buffalo!" or "We are the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!" Since it was launched in 1993 it has created over 20 videos and released a full-length feature film in theaters called Jonah, a VeggieTales movie. They are preparing another film called The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything which was released in theaters in February 2008.[1]

VeggieTales began airing on NBC on September 9, 2006 as part of the network's Qubo Saturday morning block and aired there until September 7, 2009, but the show's episodes were edited by NBC to remove religious references, which drew criticism toward NBC from the Parents Television Council over censorship of the show's religious messages.[2] On November 3, 2012, VeggieTales began airing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and its children's channel Smile of a Child. Since November 26, 2014, VeggieTales has aired on Netflix.[3]


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