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Verlana LeBaron Gutierrez (born 1969) is a Christian motivational speaker. She was raised in a polygamist cult in Mexico run by the LeBaron family, a group that separated from the mainstream Mormon church in Utah. (Both the Mormon Church and The State of Utah outlawed polygamy in the 1890s) Verlana was the 32nd child of Verlan LeBaron, (now deceased) a polygamist who had 10 wives and over 50 children.

Verlana left the polygamist cult at the age of 15 and embraced Christianity. She has been married for over 20 years and she and her husband reside in Alaska and are raising 11 children (5 were adopted when her sister passed away). Two of Verlana's sisters are also motivational speakers and together they run a group called Sisters Speaking, whose purpose is to bring the word of the Lord to people.

Verlana's mother is Irene Spencer, who was the "2nd wife" in a "plural marriage" to her father, Verlan, and authored the book "Shattered Dreams", a story that describes her life married to a polygamist, and her eventual disenchantment with the lifestyle and conversion to Christianity. Verlana is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.

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