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Vivaldi Browser v1.0.344.37

Vivaldi is in this case, a free web browser. It is being developed by the some of the same people who created Opera, and seeks to return to the lightweight, minimum requirement design that Opera was created to offer.[1] Already, it has gained a number of happy users, some of which are disappointed with the direction the Opera browser has taken.


  • Very customizable (Not only can styles be changes, but also toolbars, and controls may be moved and changed)
  • Loads content quickly
  • Supports Chromium extensions
  • Supports mouse gestures
  • Fairly sleek design


  • Uses Chromium's Blink Engine, just like the majority of other browsers. While the engine is fairly good, some seek something else, which this cannot offer
  • By default, has a bar along the left side which reduces screen space
  • Can be confusing to less knowledgeable users, especially if the mouse gestures are not disabled
  • In some rare cases, websites (especially those which use DRM software, such as Netflix) may require one or more module(s) to be updated by the user. This is not difficult, since it can be done with the click of a button after navigating to chrome://components


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