Vlaams Belang

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Vlaams Belang
Party Chairman Tom Van Grieken
Senate Leader Anke Van dermeersch
House Speaker
House Leader Chris Janssens
(Flemish parliament)
Headquarters Madouplein 8 bus 4
Political ideology Conservatism
Political position Fiscal:
Social: Flemish Nationalism
International affiliation Europe of Nations and Freedom
Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom[1]
Color(s) Yellow - Black
Website www.vlaamsbelang.org
Vlaams Belang (English: Flemish Interest) is a conservative and Euroskeptic Flemish nationalist political party in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium). The party also aims to stop immigration and create stricter laws against criminals and terrorists. Tom Van Grieken is since 2014 the leader (president) of Vlaams Belang.

Vlaams Belang surged in the local, national, and European elections on May 26, 2019, taking second place in Flanders.[2]

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