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Volleyball is a popular sport where two teams of 6 players hit a ball across a net, which separates the teams.

Each team tries to score a point by hitting a ball onto the other team’s side, in hopes that the other team cannot return it.

There are two methods for scoring. The original method only allowed a team to score when it "served" (hit the ball first). However, as that made games increasingly long, a second method (now used in competition), called "rally scoring", allows the team who successfully hits the ball and not have it returned (and not foul, such as hitting the net) score regardless of whether it served or received serve.

In competition, the declared winner is the first team to 25 points, but the team must win by an advantage of at least two (similar to tennis scoring). In multi-game matches, best of five is the general rule, but the fifth game is played as the first team to 15 points (but still must win by two).