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Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: done!

—Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R) in June 2012

Voter ID legislation in some states requires voters wishing to cast a ballot at the polls (and in some cases, via absentee ballot) to present approved identification. Voters without identification are generally allowed to cast a provisional ballot, which may be counted only if the voter takes additional steps after the ballot is cast, such as providing identification or signing an affidavit. Voter ID upholds the principle of "one person one vote" and is a check against organized fraud.

Voter ID proponents argue that requiring voters to present identification will reduce voter fraud. Opponents suggest that in-person impersonation fraud, the kind of fraud typical voter ID laws are able to prevent, is very rare, and they argue that voter ID requirements can have a disparate impact on minority voters, college students, and the elderly. The evidence shows that voter ID laws do not negatively impact minority turnout, something even The New York Times had to admit.[1][2][3][4]

Although Democratic Party leadership opposes voter ID legislation, both Republican and Democrat voters support it.[5] Socialists use the racist argument that Blacks and minorities are too stupid, incompetent, and helpless to have driver licenses or state IDs.

Republican vs. Democrat attitudes

According to a study conducted by Professor John V. Kane of New York University, published in Public Opinion Quarterly, while Republican voters strongly care about voter fraud and stopping it through voter ID laws, Democrat voters care more strongly about whether or not their party will benefit from such legislation when deciding to enact voter ID.[6]

Despite Democrats' opposition to them, voter ID laws have broad popularity. For example, in 2018, North Carolina voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment to require IDs when voting.[7]

Socialists allege that Black's and minorities are too impoverished to pay for current state issued driver licenses and ID cards, yet many of these same states are controlled by Democrats who would then be effectively charging a poll tax while it is completely within their power to issue state identification on a sliding scale or even for free. Even the European Union, whom Democrats repeatedly cite as the model of social democracy, requires voter ID to participate in elections.

During the 100 years of Jim Crow, Democrats perfected voter fraud and voter suppression techniques.

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