War on American Cars

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The War on American Cars is part of the general Leftist attempt to weaken manufacturing in the United States, and to emasculate American men. The assault on muscle cars by liberals is particularly intense and unwarranted.

As evident from movies, songs, and other parts of popular culture, the American car has played a central, positive role in the growing up and motivation of young men.

Bankruptcy of Detroit by Global Warming Regulations

Regulations under the pretext of the global warming hoax are forcing traditional American car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors to pay subsidies to electric car manufacturers such as Tesla.

Liberal smears of DeLorean car

The DeLorean car was an innovative, futuristic design by a successful American car executive, which the liberal media savaged into bankruptcy. Today it is available as part of regulation allowing "low volume motor vehicle manufacturers to begin selling replica cars that resemble vehicles produced at least 25 years ago."[1]