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Werner Gitt (February 22, 1937, Raineck, East Prussia, Germany - retd.) was Director and Professor for almost 25 years until his retirement in 2002 at the Federal Physical-Technical Institute in Brunswick (Braunschweig, Germany).[1] Werner Gitt is a signatory and author of preface to 95 Theses against Evolution.


  • Werner Gitt. In the beginning was information. (Masterbooks, February 2006.) ISBN 9780890514610
  • In the beginning was information, DVD. (Creation Ministries International) featuring Werner Gitt.
  • Werner Gitt in cooperation with Bob Compton and Jorge Fernandez. Foreword by William Dembski.Without Excuse The sequel to In the Beginning was information. (Creation Book Publishers, May 2011.) ISBN 9781921643415
  • How well designed was Noach's Ark?, DVD. (Creation Ministries International) featuring Werner Gitt.


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