Westminster Abbey

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The Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster, London.

The Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster, commonly referred to as "Westminster Abbey", is a church in London, England. It has been used as a coronation church since King Harold and William the Conqueror were both crowned there in 1066. All subsequent English and British monarchs have been crowned in the church, with the exception of Henry III, and Louis-I, Edward V, and Edward VIII who were never crowned. The coronation ceremony is normally carried out by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the primate of England, and at the moment of coronation the monarch is seated on a throne called King Edward's Chair, named for Edward the Confessor. Between 1296 and 1996, the throne contained the Stone of Scone upon which kings of Scotland were traditionally crowned. The Stone was returned to Scotland and transported to Edinburgh Castle. It will be temporarily restored to the throne for future coronations.

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