White supremacists and Islam

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Despite the claims of the mainstream media, many white supremacists are Islamic apologists or Islamophiles.

According to a poll by the white supremacist website Stormfront regarding who they prefer, Muslims or Jews: 15.58% voted for Jews; 84.42% voted for Muslims.

The white supremacist online encyclopedia Metapedia has accused conservatives of, "exaggerating the negative aspects of Islam."

The neo-Nazi David Myatt later became a radical Islamist and converted to Islam.[1][2][3]


“The only religion I admire is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.” —Adolf Hitler[4]

“Let us assume that the Turks in whose ranks Europeans were fighting as well, even in high positions, would have conquered Europe and Vienna in 1683 instead of having been forced to withdraw. If the Mohammedans would have gained the victory at the time and Islam would have swept victoriously across Europe, then the Christian churches would have been depoliticized….For the Turks were religiously tolerant, they allowed each religion to continue to exist, provided it was no longer involved in politics — otherwise it was finished.” —Heinrich Himmler[5]

“In Europe you can freely question, ridicule, and deny Jesus Christ. The same is true for the prophet Muhammad, and nothing will happen to you, heck you might even get to star in your own weekly TV show, but offer a single question of the smallest part of the Holocaust and you face prison!” —David Duke[6]

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