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Why Conservative? Here are some reasons to embrace—and teach—conservative principles:

  • they give you the power to defeat addiction
  • they provide a basis for ignoring or rejecting nonsensical liberal media stories, Hollywood values and professor values
  • they welcome and enhance faith
  • they welcome and apply logic
  • they resist deceit and liberal tricks
  • they welcome and encourage self-defense, which is essential to psychological and emotional well-being
  • they minimize liberal stress felt by teenagers[1]
  • they welcome and promote fidelity and frugality
  • they encourage self-help and betterment
  • they aid traditional religion by reacting to and addressing modern culture

Conservative values have a unifying affect on people of faith despite differences in religion. Churches have reunited after centuries of division and discord based on an agreement on conservative values.

Conservative values are powerful in resisting encroachment by the entitlement mentality on institutions, including churches and church staffs.


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