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Wii Sports (ESRB rating: E) is a video game that formerly came packaged with the Nintendo Wii (and now is sold separately as part of Nintendo's hit line up). Nintendo has sold 50 million Wii's, so by far the most popular Wii game in widespread use. It contains five games: Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. Also, unique training sessions for each sport. Up to four people can play at once with or without four Wiimotes. Also, you can measure your skill and stamina with the Wii Fitness Challenge, this will assign you a Wii fitness age.

Utilizing the Wiimotes motion-sensor technology instead of a game controller, you become a first person virtual reality athlete. In golf, you swing the Wiimote the same as you would a golf club. In bowling, you are tossing a ball (while holding onto the Wiimote). In Tennis, you are paired exclusively with a partner for matches. You may choose to go it alone in the tennis training session. In baseball, you are limited to hitting and pitching. Also, there are only three innings per game.

As your skills improve, the Wii responds by increasing the challenge. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout that is simple to operate. The English Queen Elizabeth has played Wii Sports. [1]

Wii Sports Resort

A sequel to Wii Sports was introduced called Wii Sports Resort. It features an array of new games such as jousting, basketball, cycling, frisbee, archery, and the return of bowling and golf from the original game, with new improvements. This game was also the first game to use the Wii MotionPlus add-on.


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