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The Wikipedia® police, or Wikipedia secret police, is a group of anonymous editors and administrators who quickly censor material that undermines the liberal and atheistic belief systems. This police has virtually no accountability to anyone and applies a complex set of rules in a completely one-sided manner. They almost never have user names reflecting their real names, and often operate under childish or anti-intellectual user names.

As described by this observer on a Columbia University site on statistics:[1]

So did the Gang of 500 [central Wikipedia participants] actually write Wikipedia? Wales decided to run a simple study to find out: he counted who made the most edits to the site ... it turns out over 50% of all the edits are done by just .7% of the users ... 524 people. ... And in fact the most active 2%, which is 1400 people, have done 73.4% of all the edits ....

On Feb. 18, 2008, a Conservapedia editor found flagrant bias in a Wikipedia entry concerning a textbook dispute over the theory of evolution. He corrected the bias, and predictably a Wikipedian reinserted the biased, incorrect material on Wikipedia within only eight hours.[2]


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