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Wildrose Party of Alberta

The Wildrose Party of Alberta was a grassroots political movement. However the party's formation only last for a short time before the Wildrose Party joined forces with the Alberta Alliance Party to create the current Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta.

The party's main emphasis was:

~ Reducing by constitutional means the enormous net outflow of wealth from Albertans to the federal government

~ Ensuring that provincial decisions better reflect the mainstream values and priorities of most Albertans

~ Ensuring that the party's Leader and MLAs honour their election promises and commitments

On Saturday, June 23, 2007 seventy-six Albertans gathered in Red Deer and launched a political party.

They chose the name Wildrose Party of Alberta, after the province's floral symbol of sovereignty within Confederation.

The Wildrose society/party also elected an executive on Saturday and adopted a constitution.

The initiative began with an earlier Red Deer meeting (May 26) where fifty people from diverse political backgrounds mostly agreed that existing political parties can't or won't challenge the federal system and restrain provincial spending.

The initiative was bolstered by two recent by-elections in which support for conservative parties plunged overall, while liberal support did not increase.

A province-wide poll conducted for the group by proCall Marketing of Calgary found widespread desire across all of Alberta for a political option of this sort.

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