William (The Lion) (1165-1214)

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William the Lion

King of Scotland
In office
Preceded by Malcolm IV
Succeeded by Alexander II

Born 1142
Died December 4, 1214
Stirling, Scotland

William I "The Lion" (1142 - December 4, 1214) was the king of Scotland who gave Scotland its curent coat of arms, the 'lion rampant'. William also recaptured Scotland's English lands that had been captured (again) by the English. However, during his campaigns there, he was captured by English troops and taken to King Henry II of England. Henry told William that the only way he would be released is if he effctively ceded control of Scotland to Henry II, William refused, however, and when Henry II died shortly after, Richard I of England demanded money to fund his war in the Holy Land. Scottish nobles agreed to his demands, and paid a huge sum of money to Richard I.[1]


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