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Wonder Girls
Korean name
Hangul 원더걸스

Wonder Girls is a South Korean pop band that was formed in 2007. It has been Korea's top girl group since 2007, it is the most popular girl group in Asia and Europe. In 2001, he made his debut as a 5-member group by choosing Hyun-ah, Sohee, Stern and Yoon as members in turn, starting with the selection of Sungye by the audition. He debuted on February 13, 2007, when he released the single "The Wonder Begins." In July of the same year, member Hyun Ah withdrew due to health problems, and joined Yubin as a new member. On September 13, 2007, he released his first full-length album, "The Wonder Years." The title song <Tell Me> was selected as the most successful song in Korea that year and caused a "Tellme fever". In 2008, he continued his popularity as the second single, "So Hot." In the second half of the year, he released the EP album "The Wonder Years - Trilogy" and hit the title song "Nobody" .

Wonder Girls has released its debut single "Nobody" in the United States in 2009, declaring its advance to the US, and it was the first in Korea and the 76th in Billboard Hot 100 in 50 years in Asia. Wonder Girls in action in the United States On January 23, 2010, Stern announced that she would temporarily suspend her activities, not withdrawing from the group after her US activities until February due to her studies. Stern stopped the activity after the last concert in US on February 20th. Due to the ceasing of Stern's activities, HyeRim joined as a new member and started full-fledged activities in China since February. In 2010, she made a comeback with a single <2 Different Tears>, which was released in Korea and USA. She then opened the Wonder Girls World Tour through USA and Canada.

In 2011, they released their second full-length album, "Wonder World." In 2012, the first Korean actor, "The Wonder Girls," was released on the US Teen Nick channel. In June 2012, he released his second EP album "Wonder Party" in Korea. Sohee withdrew from his activities as an actor, and Sunye withdrew from his contract with his agency JYP Entertainment in order to concentrate on family life. [3] On August 3, he released his third regular album, REBOOT, in three years and two months, and made his comeback with his title song "I Feel You". Stern was reunited as a member of the first year, and the newly composed Wonder Girls made a comeback on August 3 as a completely different four-member band.

As for the composition of the band, Yoon played the keyboard, the stern was the bass, Yubin the drum, and Hyerim the guitar. On July 5, 2016, he released his new single, Why So Lonely. After his debut, he made his comeback as his first self-composed song, not as a song. At the press conference, the leader has been said to change every month. The song "Why So Lonely" alternates between the band version and the dance version.

Music List

  • 2007: Irony
  • 2007: Tell Me
  • 2007: This fool
  • 2008: So Hot
  • 2008: Nobody
  • 2010: 2 Different Tears
  • 2011: Be My Baby
  • 2012: Like this
  • 2015: I Feel You
  • 2016: Why so lonely

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