World History Homework Five

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World History Homework Five
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer six of the following questions (honors - answer eight of the following):

1. Describe two fundamental differences between Islam and Christianity. Which religion originated first?

2. Where did chivalry come from, and what is your view of it? Describe a modern example of chivalry.

3. Explain what feudalism in Western Europe was, and how it differed from feudalism in Japan around the same time period.

4. Do you agree with the term "Dark Ages"? Include in your answer a description of when and what the Dark Ages were.

5. What was the "Holy Roman Empire"? Include a basic difference between it and the Roman empire.

6. What did "Charles the Hammer" accomplish? Discuss briefly.

7. Briefly describe the "pillars" of Islam.

8. Discuss one of the major civilizations or tribes in Central and South America in the lecture.

9. Write an essay about any aspect of the lecture.

10. What was the Carolingian Court?

11. "Islam is more than a religion." Do you agree? Discuss.