World History Homework Four Answers - Student Eight

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American History Homework 4 James G.

1. My favorite roman emperor was Constantine. He was the first Christian emperor and built the glorious city of Constantinople. By his deeds Christianity was able to flourish and grow without the pain of persecution.

Excellent, may use as a model.

2. The Roman Republic lasted from 509 B.C. to 49 B.C. From 49 B.C. to A.D. 476 Rome ruled the known world as an empire.

Good, but note that 27 B.C. is more typically used as the beginning date of the Roman empire or, if earlier, perhaps 44 B.C. when Julius Caesar became a dictator-for-life.

3. The Byzantine Empire lasted one thousand years longer then the Western Roman Empire and also prospered under the Christian doctrines by which it lived by.


4. The Roman language was very influential in that it could express deep thought with little more then a few words.


5. Pax Romana was a period of peace and prosperity between 27 B.C. and 180 A.D.


H2. Roman law was not as well thought or as influential as Rome’s armies. The Roman law was used primarily for roman citizens. More often people would be tried in the traditional courts of their region rarely going to the roman court. An example of this would be when Jesus was arrested. He was first brought before the Sanhedrin, and then only because they wanted to have him killed did they bring him before Pilate.

Excellent, may use as a model!
Perfect! 70/70. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 09:14, 3 March 2009 (EST)