World History Homework Four Answers - Student Eighteen

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World History Homework 4


1. I think my favorite would have to be Constantine because of his religion.


2. The Roman Republic started around 509 B.C. And ended around 215 B.C. After that the Roman Empire just fully came in. conquering everything in their path.

Roman Empire began in 27 B.C., not 215 B.C. (Minus 1). Otherwise good.

3. The Romans leaned more towards foot soldiers while the Byzantines leaned towards horses. The Romans were eventually taught about Christ where as the Byzantines were not.

Interesting, but didn't the Byzantines learn Christianity too?

4. It is significant because if the Romans had not conquered the whole world and everyone knew Latin then Christ and his disciples might have not been able to teach everyone they did.

Right, except note that many learned Christianity in Greek.

5. The Pax Romana also known as “The Roman Peace” was a period of about 200 years where there was no civil war in Rome.


6. The economic decline defiantly reminds me of the USA today because we are in one right now.

Good, except "definitely", not "defiantly".

7. I think that God was preparing a way for Jesus. The main language was latin at the time and that was the language Jesus grew up with.

Not sure that Jesus really grew up with Latin in Judea, but he could have.



H2. I think that the some of the laws were good but if anyone disagreed the king had Roman legions to send to anyone who was not obeying him. So they both worked for each other.




H5. Hannibal’s trek over the mountains was an amazing feat that help him win most of the Punic wars. If he just had a few more men with him then he could have crushed Rome totally and history would have been changed forever.

Excellent point, may use as model. But note that the trek over the mountains was in only one Punic war.

H6. Attila had the mind of a genius. His soldiers rode on horses with little bows and arrows. The bows were small but their force was amazing. He just rode up and stayed out of range of the legions spears then fired at them. Once they got too close he would hide then come at them a different way.

Superb again.
Insightful answers. 69/70. Well done.--Andy Schlafly 15:35, 3 March 2009 (EST)