World History Homework Four Answers - Student Six

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Jenna N.

1. Who is your favorite Roman emperor, and why?'

Julius Caesar is my favorite Roman emperor. He had an incredible focus and knew how to set his eyes on a goal and not look anywhere else. Unfortunately, he didn’t always have his eyes set on the right goals. This led to him eventually being murdered by his own fellow men. I still find his incredible determination inspiring.

Excellent, may use as a model!

2. Describe what the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire were, including approximate dates.

The Roman Republic was a phase of the Roman empire where Rome was governed by a Republican form of government. It began in 510 BC and lasted for over 450 years. The Roman empire came right after the Roman Republic. The Roman empire was characterized by an autocratic government. The Roman empire lasted several hundred years into Anno Domini.


3. Comment on the significance of the Roman language, Latin.

The Latin language truly helped languages advance and become more powerful in the ancient world. There are few languages which can be credited with being the root language for countless other languages. Latin set the linguistic stage for Italian, French, Spanish, and many others.

Excellent again!

4. Explain what Pax Romana was.

Pax Romana, which is translated from Latin to mean “Roman peace” was a time when Rome enjoyed a peaceful time. It lasted approximately 200 years from 27 BC to 180 AD. In light of the huge amount of time the Roman empire lasted, this 200 years seems like a very short time. It is amazing that America has only been around for a mere 200 years; the same amount of time that the Pax Romana lasted.

Good analogy, and a superb answer.

5. Challenging question (choose "a" or "b"):

(a) all of world history so far in this course can be attributed either to God paving the way for Jesus, or the devil creating obstacles for Him. Discuss.'

God is the ultimate designer and coordinator of every historical event. He is the one who started history and He will be the one to end it. Everything that has ever happened in the universe is part of his plan. Everything in history can absolutely be attributed to God paving the way for Jesus, or the devil creating obstacles for Him.

Excellent, may use as a model!

6. H2. Which was more influential, the Roman law or the Roman legions? Government

The Roman law was more influential then the Roman legions. Although both the military and the government need to be strong in order for an empire to seceded, the government is more crucial. If we look at history this becomes inevitable. For instance, look at Attila the Hun. He had one of the fiercest armies that the world has ever known, but when he died they fell apart. Also look at Adolf Hitler. He was a military genius and yet, without a strong government, even the seemingly unbreakable Nazi army fell apart. The Roman empire was so invincible because it attained both a strong military and a strong government. But, in the end, the Roman law was more influential than the Roman army.

Superb insights. However, I don't think Hitler was a military genius.

7. H6. Attila the Hun: discuss this remarkable person.

Attila the Hum was a truly remarkable military leader, but I believe he was one of the saddest people in all of history. I can’t imagine leading the life of cruelty that he lead. Although it seems like this didn’t bother him, it must have. As I read about him, I felt very sad. I don’t understand how someone could become so cold and so heartless.

Heartless he was! Great answer.
Terrific paper with several superb insights. 70/70. Perfect!--Andy Schlafly 23:09, 2 March 2009 (EST)