World History Homework One Answers - Student 15

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1. Which do you think was the most important invention, idea or law discussed in the lecture? Include in your answer the "when, where, what, why and how."

I think the most important idea was the 10 Commandments. God laid down laws to the Isrealites around 2000 BC on Mount Sinai.
Excellent, but note spelling: Israelites.

2. Pick one of the major ancient empires mentioned in the lecture, and describe basic information about it. Include in your answer a reference to how it compared with another ancient empire mentioned in the lecture.

The Persian Empire was ruled by Cyrus the Great form (539-530 B.C.) he conquered Asia Minor. When he conquered Babylon he set the Jews free. His empire was more powerful than the Babylonian Empire.

3. There are several tables in the lecture containing various estimated dates. Pick one of those estimated dates and explain either why it surprises you, why you think it may be wrong, or why you know it is correct.

3700-4004 B.C. The creation of the universe. I know this is correct because it is logical and the bible confirms this logic.
Good answer.

4. Essay: What Matters More: Language or Law?

People have long asked the question, what matters more language or law? Which creates a successful society? Hammurabi created a set of laws, but they were not based on God's laws and where written with a liberal vocabulary and his empire quickly fell into ruin. God handed down a set of laws to Moses, but it was more than just laws that he gave to the Isrealites. He gave them the beginnings of a conservative language. While the Jews struggled to have a successful society, it took the coming of Jesus and the invention of humor and better conservative language to pave the way for the most successful civilizations the world has ever known. Conservative language collapsed the Roman Empire and laid the ground work for new more conservative societies. England came to rule the world because of conservative values and language, not because of its laws, but their concepts were further improved on by the Americans who took conservative language to new heights. We are seeing a geometric increase in the effectiveness of society (see Moore's law), at the same time we are seeing a geometric increase in conservative vocabulary (see Conservapedia law), only a fool would deny that these are connected. It is clearly language which matters more because it is language which controls how people think, not laws (see George Orwell).

You misspelled Israelites again, and I'd prefer if you wrote about your own ideas more. (Minus 2).
Grade: 38/40.--Andy Schlafly 10:34, 15 September 2011 (EDT)