World History Homework Seven Answers - Student Eight

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JonathanL 3/19/09
World History
Week 7 homework

1) The Renaissance occurred in the 15th century in Europe.

True, but it was a bit longer than that, and the region could be specified better. (Minus 1).

2.) Martin Luther was a preacher, who broke away from the established church. He is best known for nailing the 95 Theses or issues to the door of his Wittenberg Church.

Good, specifying a time period would help.

3.) Baroque was a “backwards” way of painting that originated in the 17th century, in Italy.

Interesting way of putting it! But your answer needs to explain a bit more. (Minus 1).

H4) All Christians agree on the majority of issues. The media tries to expand on what little we do not agree about… They will bring up gay marriage, which is a controversial issue that not all Christians agree. They try to pull us apart from within, a prime example, not gay marriage, was Terry Shiavo, who was pronounced brain dead. Christians did not believe that she should have been taken off life support, however the media made it sound as their was some argument going on inside the church.

Excellent analysis. Note: "Terri Schiavo," not "Terry Shiavo."

H6) Chivalry is a great quality to have. Most women greatly appreciate chivalry, but there is that select group of women that believe that chivalry towards them is a sign that they are week, which is completely false. Respect towards women is undervalued in today’s society. Chivalry is something that we should infuse back into our culture.

Superb, may use as a model! (Note: "weak", not "week" in that usage.)

6.) The Renaissance did not occur in Asia simply because they had no religious freedom, and virtually no social freedom.


H7) We should definitely talk more about hell in the church today… We talk about heaven, which is great, but hell is a fundamental aspect of Christianity. It is illogical to have heaven without hell, just as there is not good without evil. Hell is not talked about because it scares people… That is exactly what is was supposed to do. The church of today only gives half the story when it comes to Christianity.

Superb, may also use as a model answer.

H1) The strengths of the English language are that our language can specify in great detail. What other languages lack is the ability to differentiate between minor details. In English, there is a word, or phrase, for just about everything.


5.) Vietnam won its independence shortly after the fall of the Tang dynasty in A.D. 939. To this day the Vietnamese are known for their fighting ability, which includes an adaptation of Philippine stick fighting, which, just as it sounds, is fighting with sticks, or other cheap and easily obtainable materials.


H8) If Martin Luther had not done what he had, would the church be where it is today? Probably not, because no one had the audacity to speak out against the church. He was chosen by God to do that particular task, which shaped the rest of history.

Good analysis.
98/100. Terrific insights, with two model answers!--Andy Schlafly 08:59, 21 March 2009 (EDT)