World History Homework Twelve

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World History Homework Twelve
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer five of the following (seven for honors):

1. The negotiations at the end of a war can be as important as the war itself in influencing the future. Discuss, with specific examples from both World War I and II.

2. Who do think was the most influential person in the 20th century in a good way, and who do you think was the most influential person in the 20th centuray in a bad way? Explain your answer.

3. Compare and contrast World War II with World War I, including specific examples.

4. Write an essay of at least 200 words on any aspect of world history.

5. Explain why the "Enigma" was so important.

6. Do you agree with how President Truman ended World War II with Japan? Include a discussion of Japan's nationalism in your answer.

7. Who was right in how they handled the Korean War, President Truman or General Douglas MacArthur? Explain, with an explanation of the "Inchon Landing."

8. Discuss any issue related to World War II in Europe.

9. What was "fascism"? Explain.

10. Explain when and what the "Cold War" was, and give an example of a controversial event that occurred during it, such as the building of the Berlin Wall.