Writing Homework One

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Writing Course
First Assignment
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Correct the following (using editing marks or, if done online, by rewriting it while preserving everything that is correct):

1. Its his bad attitude thats the most biggest problem. Irregardless, you can not judge a book by it’s cover.

2. Me and Davey gone to the football game that day, and we didn’t see nothing there. Instead, the cop yelled at us, “Get lost before you are arrested by me!” Davey got real scared, and he didn’t arrest us.

3. Newt Gingrich declared, "the media is terrified that the audience is going to side with the candidates against the media, which is what they've done in every debate." What mistake(s) did Newt, who has written many books, make in his statement? Explain.

4. A good student is someone that can both write very well and quickly.

5. Runing inside to avoid the rainstorm, my new sweatur was mostly dry.

6. These three things needed to be completed Wedesday morning, and it was: calling my friend, finishing this homework, and jog one mile.

Write a flawless essay of 300-500 words (you will be graded both in technical correctness and style) on one of the following topics:

1. Why you don’t throw people off a lifeboat to make it float better, even if it looks like the lifeboat will sink.

2. A nagging fear that you have.

3. Who you think will win the Republican nomination for president.

4. Your favorite passage in the Bible, and why.

5. “Almost everything in school and beyond is easier for those who improve their writing skills.” Discuss.

6. Describe how and why the writing (lyrics or screenplay) is so good in one of your favorite songs or movies.

7. A very short story of fiction.

8. Which is your favorite season of the year, and why?