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IsaacZ The Importance of Alexander the Great

Alexander may have been one of the most influential people in the world. He was able to conquer almost the entire civilized world. His conquests would shape the world for what was to come. Alexander destroyed large empires, he brought Greek art and culture to every part of the world, and he prepared the way for the Roman conquests. Alexander commanded one of the most powerful armies of all time. His main forces were Macedonians who used the formation the Phalanx in battle. With these soldiers, He was able to crush any army in his way. He defeated the Persians and destroyed their empire. He also defeated the Indians and the Arabs clearing the way for the rest of his conquests. He would have conquered china and any other lands to the east but he died at the very young age of 30. Alexander was one of the greatest admirers of Greek art and culture. He brought the idea of it all over the world with him. He expanded Greek knowledge and art all over the world. He adopted the Greek way of living and enforced upon his empire. He may be one of the main reasons that Greek knowledge is so well known. Alexander conquered most of the known world, but his empire was not as large as the Roman Empire was to be. It is because of Alexander that the roman was so large. When Alexander finished his conquests there was not much left in the east to conquer. When the Romans conquered the Macedonians they took control of a large area of land. Alexander paved the way for more roman conquests. Alexander did all of these things because of his desire for conquest. This desire carried almost to the Pacific Ocean, conquering lands and infusing Greek knowledge along the way. Little did he know that his conquests would shape the future of the world for many years to come.