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Music is a form of art. It has the capability of taking a variety of complex thoughts and forming them into a simple order of words. Music has been apart of the world for centuries and has been able to inspire a multitude of people. For myself, it is an escape from all of the struggles the world throws my way.

The song “Prodigal” by Casting Crowns has had a huge impact on my life as of lately. It demonstrates the parable that is taught by Jesus in the book of Luke, about two sons who inherit their father’s wealth. The youngest son receives his portion and leaves home in order to pursue his sublunary desires. He sets off for a distant country and there squanders his wealth in wild living. After the son’s entire fortune was gone, a terrible famine hit the country leaving him with nothing. Spending much of his time on hard and tiring work the son realized that he needed his fathers love and support in order to survive. Embarrassed and ashamed the son started back home, hoping that his father would at least take him back as a servant. Much to his surprise the father welcomed him home with open arms and a loving heart. The father was neither upset nor angry with his son, but instead he was thrilled to have him back in his presence once again.

Casting Crowns song quotes-“Daddy here I am again, take me back tonight. I went and made the world my friend, and it left me high and dry. I dragged your name back through the mud that you first found me in, not worthy to be called your son, is this to be my end? Daddy here I am.” Oftentimes, we conform ourselves to what the world expects and not to what God wants. We live our lives, make stupid mistakes, and never really think about God as much as we should. In fact, we hardly think about him at all. Most of the time we don’t turn to him until we need something, something that is too much for us to handle. It devastates God, but as shown in the parable, God does not hesitate one bit when it comes to forgiveness. Every time I hear this song I am reminded of how great God’s love is. It doesn’t matter where you are with your faith, or what you’ve done, there is nothing you can do to make God stop loving you.