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David K

Snowmaggedon: The Storm of ’10

The winter storm of February 5th and 6th impacted the Washington region significantly. Despite liberals, who have the audacity to claim the existence of global warming, ice and snow severely restricted access to the roads, causing the federal government to close for many days afterwards. Several accidents were reported and for safety reasons the usual school snow day was transformed into a snow week. I personally am enjoying the exceptionally long break from the rigors of public education. As a resident of Northern Virginia for much of my life, I am not used to seeing large snowfalls. The most I have come to expect are small storms yielding 6-8 inches at the most. Needless to say this new development of 3 ½ feet of snow came as a most pleasant surprise. I swiftly found that this new volume of snow endows an excellent medium for sledding and snow forts, not otherwise feasible in the conventional light snowfall. On an interesting note, a 60 ft. pine tree outside of my home, weighed down by the copious amount of wet snow, shattered and came to a crashing down, crushing the iron railing on the back porch of my parents’ house as though it were cardboard. The resulting damage, while severe, was nevertheless quite spectacular. Unfortunately, I found that the excitement of a gigantic snowfall can quickly grow old. While the amount of snow was novel and thus very interesting, it also had some negative impacts on my on my schedule. For example several of my regular activities were canceled, and ice on the roads made it impossible to go anywhere safely. Moreover, snow on the driveway necessitated a high degree of shoveling, which quickly became rather tiring. This task was not helped by the snowplow driver, who, for the sake of personal convenience, left a large pile of slush in front of the driveway when plowing the main road. So the large snowfall had its downsides as well as advantages. By conclusion, the winter snow storm of 2010 was a remarkable phenomenon. While I enjoyed the snow itself and the break from school, I was not so happy with its effects on my other routines. In any case, it was still a phenomenon worth seeing. It is not every day one gets to witness 3 ½ feet of snow!

--Davidkon 21:47, 11 February 2010 (EST)