Writing Homework Seven

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Seventh Homework
Instructor, Andy Schlafly

There still has not been a perfect essay.

Our class needs work on punctuation. Review pp. 188-195 in our Grammar textbook. Then answer every question divisible by "3" (e.g., #3, #6, #9, etc.) in Exercises 54-56, and self-grade yourself (the answers are in the back of the book): ___/___.

Write a flawless, well-structured essay of at least 1000 words on one or more of the following topics:

1. America, and indeed the world, has a rich history of powerful, partly clandestine societies and movements. Does it take a good secret society to defeat an evil one?

2. You heard about someone considering having an abortion. Write an essay that will persuade her to choose life.

3. A shopkeeper's sign: "Orders will be accepted only in English!" Your view?

4. My teacher said that he is giving everyone in this class an "A". But that is not only silly, it is wrong.

5. This essay is about reason and emotion, describing when reason is more persuasive and when emotion is more persuasive, using real or imaginary examples.

6. Any topic assigned earlier in this course that you have not written about. You can view the topics on Conservapedia at: Writing Homework

7. Any comparable topic of your own choosing.