Writing Homework Three

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Third Homework Instructor, Andy Schlafly

Part A: Correct the errors in the following:

1. The best vegetible is Asparagus. But in public school most kids eat candy rather then good food. Eating better will make you healthier than them.

2. Congres's problem it is to weak. Worrying so much about what the public think, Washington D.C. does us all a diservice.

3. The most unique day of the year is Easter. Lets face it; neither July 4th or New Years Day are as special of a day.

4. Someone needs to clean up this mess, and they had better do it before the owner gets here. "Get you're garbage out of hear now," he wrote in a note.

5. I am detirmined to catch all the errors this time ..... I am not going to make any more mistakes no more! Do you think I like being rideculed like this?

6. These two things i know are true; good writing is priceless, and poor writing will hurt your career. That is why I want to be a better writter than him.

Part B: Emphasizing strong openings to clear, separate paragraphs, and using at least one new vocabulary word that you've never used in an essay before, write an essay of at least 700 words on one of the following:

1. This week, a work of art was purchased for the highest price ever: $250 million for Paul Cezanne's "The Card Players." Please explain and comment.

2. Write an essay about the New York Giants' victory in the Super Bowl.

3. Write about anything in history.

4. Write about the future.

5. What really decides how successful someone will be is not how smart he is, or how many God-given talents he has, but his "work ethic.'" Discuss.

6. In preparation for St. Valentine's Day, explain who Saint Valentine was and what he did.

7. Your opinion of video games.

8. Any topic of your choice.