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Paul R.

1. God given rights belong to all of us: who else would he give them to, other then us? God-given rights belong to all of us: other than us, to whom would they be given?


2.“I ain’t missing that game again”, I told him. After all, there friend, not me, were at the game and their wasn't no way I was going to miss it. "I ain't[will not] missing[miss] that game again," I told him. After all, their friend, instead of me, was at the game and there was no way I was going to miss the game.

Good, but repetitive use of the word "game". Minus 1.

3. When a stranger showed up sought directons, I told them to not to bother me and my friend. When a stranger showed up seeking directions, I told him not to bother me or my friend.


4. Neither the Patriots nor the Giants are the best team in the NFL this year. The Packers, lets admit was the finest players. Just joking ..... no one around hear doubt that the Giants are the most greatest ever! Neither the Patriots nor the Giants were the best team in the NFL this year! Let's admit: The packers had the finest players. I was just joking: no-one around here doubts that the Giants are the greatest football team ever.

No hyphen for "no-one". Minus 1.

5. All the mistakes in this will be cought by I this time. Does you think this work are something to be embarassed about. By this time, all the mistakes will be caught by me. Do you think about this work I should be embarrassed?


6. Which is James is most proud of. The homework that had the fewest error, of course! This final sentence, the last phrase, and look at the one before it; they was most perfect. Of course James was very proud that his homework had the fewest errors! The final sentence, the last phrase, and the phrase before the last one were perfect.

58/60. Well done.

2. “Did you notice that this winter has not had as much snow as last winter?” We need to limit our energy production so this does not happen again! Discuss.

A Convenient Lie: Global Warming and the Deflowering of Science

The statement: "Did you notice that this winter has not had as much snow as last winter? We need to limit our energy production so this does not happen again!" captures the nature of the Global Warming debate. Ever since governments [NEED APOSTROPHE] and news sources first began, politicians and journalists have tried to butt their heads in genuine scientific debates. These forces have produced our laughably distorted notion of Global warming .

The first and simplest issue with this sentence is it's anecdotal nature. Loss of snow in a two year time span in a small geographic area with no detailed measurements constitutes proof for barely anything. "Amateur Scientists" on both sides of the issue believe they can link global warming to small weather oscillations in their local community. The sentence, "Did you notice it snowed yesterday, Global warming has been disproved yet again!" has jarringly rung in my ears too many times. So what/who was the genesis of this controversy?

Basically Al Gore. In his Oscar-Winning film, "An Inconvenient Truth", [COMMA SHOULD BE INSIDE THE QUOTATION] Gore presents the public with an argument that the earth is getting warmer due to energy consumption, but there are many problems with the way he supports his argument.

There are a number of problems with his methodology. First Gore fraudulently misinterpreted a graph in his film. Although data included in a graph of his indicates that atmospheric CO2 levels follow temperature levels, his hypothesis postulates that temperature levels follow CO2 levels. But that problem is dwarfed by his larger problem with his data in general. After all, how did he obtain an exact worldwide average temperature or CO2 level for the earlier years in his graph? He says his data is based on evidence from temperature measurements, but even with these measurements, how can he claim to have precise worldwide average temperature levels since 1800? But even if Gore did have legitimate data from earlier years, he does not present his data fairly. A graph of Gore's shows little temperature change near the beginning of the graph, but as the graph nears our current time, it sharply escalates. In fact the graph has too short a time-frame and disregards earth's prior change: Evidence from the fossil record would indicate other periods of similar if not greater temperature oscillation. After all earth has been through some serious ice ages.

Other issues Gore brings to the forefront are melting of icebergs and exploitation of polar bears, however researchers such as Harvard professor Willie Soon have evidence that indicates that any decrease in polar bear populations occurs not because of iceberg melting but because of icebergs being too cold for them to feasibly survive.

Haven't heard much about that on CNN have you? [GOOD RHETORICAL QUESTION! COULD ADD A COMMA BEFORE "have you"] A major issue in the Global Warming debate has been resources and ability to research, and as the debate becomes politicized skeptical scientists such as Willie Soon and Lord Christopher Monckton are being denied resources while researchers in support of the theory are being given everything they could possibly want for their research, and, as an added bonus, intellectual giants such as Al Gore are even teaching their evidence to the public as doctrine.

Now I don't have a problem, as I have said, with intelligent discussion of Climate Change. I, in fact, believe we should try to limit our resource consumption, but I realize that as we lose our capacity to logically discuss topics, we begin to degenerate from our status as rational beings. So to conclude, lets [NEED APOSTROPHE] not talk about Global Warming in reaction to a snowflake, and although "all issues are political issues", let's, at least, not replace logic with politics in science. [TERRIFIC CONCLUSION]

Superb title, and a superb essay! Substance: 9.9. Technical score: 9.6.--Andy Schlafly 10:04, 16 February 2012 (EST)