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Wunderwaffen or Wonder weapons (singular: wunderwaffe) is a term originally coined by Joseph Goebbels to describe new high tech weapons introduced in a losing war that are supposed to be game changers and turn the tide of a hopeless cause. Such examples are the V-1 and V-2 rockets, the jet-propelled aircraft engine, the Javelin missile, the Switchblade drone, the Brimstone missile, the M777 Howitzer, and the HIMAR multiple rocket launcher.

The M777 Howitezer, which costs about $4 million per unit, were easily destroyed by Lancet 3 loitering drones at cost of under $50,000 per unit.[1]

A V-2 rocket at the Peenemünde museum. It was built with slave labor. It's designer, Wernher von Braun, later designed the Saturn V rocket that landed a man on the moon for America.
Wooden mock-up of proposed 350 ton tank that never made it into production.
The V-1 "buzz bomb" with launcher arrived too late with certain vulnerabilities to make a difference. It's design decades later was the prototype for American Predator drone.