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Xing Ba (Chinese: 性爸; Hanyu pinyin: Xìngbà) was a pirate who served under the Chinese warlord Sun Quan as a mercenary.

As a teenager, Xing Ba was the head of a gang of youths that robbed cities along the Yangtze. Around 200, Liu Biao sent a force to stop the thefts. Most of the gang was killed or arrested, but Xing Ba escaped. He hid in Fankou for several years, reading literature from various intellectuals. This convinced him to put an end to his life of crime.

In 208, he approached Sun Quan and offered to join the Wu army. Sun Quan placed him at the helm of the fire ships used to destroy Cao Cao's fleet. After the battle, he pursued Cao Cao on land to Chang'an.

As a result of the battle, Sun Quan offered to promote Xing Ba to an officer position. Xing Ba declined, stating his desire to remain free. Despite this, he served under the Eastern Wu until his death in 220.