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Yandex Browser v16.3.0.5253 beta on Windows 7

The Yandex company offers primarily a search engine, which is most popular in Russia.[1] It also offers other products and services, however, including this web browser. Although based on the Chromium engine, this browser has evolved enough that in appearance, if not functionality, it is noticeably different. The cosmetic changes took place mainly in the last major two versions[2]


  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Program starts quickly
  • Smartphone synchronization[3]
  • Although offered by a large search engine, users may easily switch to different engines[2]


  • Animated backgrounds can use extra system resources
  • On some computers, animated scenes can lag somewhat
  • No mention of Google tracking being disabled in the core engine
  • Yandex button links to Russian language site[2]


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