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Zhao Yun (Simplified: 赵云; Traditional: 趙雲; Hanyu pinyin: Zhào Yún; Wade-Giles: Chao Yun) was one of the Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Zhao Yun took service with the warlord Gongsun Zan around 191. The next year, he was assigned to serve Liu Bei, though he left soon after due to family problems. He met Liu Bei again in 200, as Liu Bei fled from Cao Cao. During the escape, Zhao Yun distinguished himself by rescuing Liu Bei's son, Liu Shan. He participated in the Battle of Chi Bi, which earned him a position as major general.

After Liu Bei's death, Zhao Yun was promoted to general and assigned to serve with Zhuge Liang. Even after Zhuge Liang's death during the Battle of Wuchang Plains, Zhao Yun held strong against the Cao Wei forces, though he eventually had to retreat anyway. Although he was demoted for this, he was respected by officers throughout the Shu Han kingdom. He was posthumously made a marquis.