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Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is the oldest pro-Israel group in the United States, founded in 1897. It is a conservative and 501c non-profit organization that fights for the Jewish people and the country of Israel. National president Morton Klein is an important Jewish American leader presiding over the 30,000 member organization. Klein is a child of survivors of the Holocaust. The Wall Street Journal says of the group, "The ZOA is the most credible advocate for Israel on the American Jewish scene today." Left-wing Jewish organizations have attacked ZOA for its strong pro-Israel and conservative positions.[1]

Banned from the Obama White House

Most hostile President to Israel ever.

Morton Klein was particularly offended by Obama’s comparison of the suffering of Palestinians with the Nazis’ murder of more than 6 million Jews during the [Holocaust]. Klein stated his belief that Obama's Jewish support was eroding as a result of his recent Middle East activities.[2] The White House responded quickly by asking 14 top Jewish leaders to meet with the President on July 13, excluding Klein. "Only Jewish leaders known to be sympathetic to Obama were invited to the meeting." The reason given for the non-invite, "How do you expect us to invite you to a meeting with the President when you keep criticizing the President?”


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