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The American Psychiatric Association is the national body representing psychiatrists, i.e. medical doctors trained to treat mental illness.[1] Its stated aims are to ensure the highest standards of clinical conduct, ethics and professional care, and represents its members on the political stage.

The APA was formed in 1844 and soon spread across the country. At present it has 35,000 members in 75 charters lead by a president and a board of trustees. The current president is Pedro Ruiz.

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  1. Jerry Adler (March 26, 2006 7:00 PM). Freud in Our Midst. Retrieved on December 25, 2013. “That compares with 33,500 in the American Psychiatric Association. Psychiatrists are medical doctors trained to treat mental illness; they typically see patients referred to them specifically for drug therapy, or they work in hospitals or clinics with the seriously ill.”