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Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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===United States House of Representatives===
===DNC Chair===
President Obama nominated her for Chair in April 2011 and the Democratic National Committee confirmed her appoinment on May 4, 2011. Immediately, Schultz began attacking [[Republican]]s. She lied about [[Paul Ryan]]'s [[Medicare]] plan, stating it would deny care to seniors with preexisting medical conditions.<ref>[ DNC Chair lies about Ryan Medicare plan]</ref> She called Republicans "anti-women" <ref>Lopez, Kathryn Jean (May 27, 2011). [http "The Corner: The march of the anti-women women (sigh, more name-calling.)"] National Review website. Retrieved on April 15, 2015.</ref> and said that they wanted to bring back [[Jim Crow]] laws.<ref>Benson, Guy (June 7, 2011). [http "Tipsheet: DNC chair: GOP aims to 'literally drag' the country back to Jim Crow era"]. Retrieved on April 15, 2015.</ref> In another statement, Schultz claimed that Republicans think that [[illegal immigration]] should be a crime.<ref>[ Illegal immigration should be a crime]</ref> Also, she claimed that if it were up to Republicans, we would all be driving foreign-built cars. It was noted that she owns a 2010 Japanese-made Infiniti FX35.<ref>O'Brien, Michael (May 26, 2011). [ "DNC chairwoman doesn't drive American".] The Hill. Retrieved on April 15, 2015.</ref>
Hackers obtained emails between Schultz and other DNC staff members who reported to her and posted them on [[Wikileaks]]. These emails showed that instead of Schulz keeping the DNC staff neutral during the 2016 Presidential race, they worked to favor [[Hillary Rodham Clinton]]. This led to the supporters of [[Bernie Sanders]] to demand Schultz' resignation, and Senator Sanders endorsed Shultz' opponent in the Democratic congressional primary. Faced with the possibility of demonstrations from Sanders delegates, Schultz resigned just before the Convention opened and did not make her scheduled speech. Donna Brazil was selected by the DNC to fill the remainder of Schultz' term as Chair.
The release by [[Wikileaks]] of a collection of emails indicated that Schultz and other members of the DNC staff showed major bias against the presidential campaign of Senator [[Bernie Sanders]] in favor of [[Hillary Clinton]]'s campaign.<ref name="NYT-Martin20160725">{{Cite news|url=|title=Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Resign D.N.C. Post|last=Martin|first=Jonathan|date=2016-07-25|last2=Rappeport|first2=Alan|newspaper=The New York Times|issn=0362-4331|access-date=}}</ref> These accusations were backed up by the fact that Schultz was the campaign manager for the 2008 Clinton Campaign. WikiLeaks revealed the DNC stooping to cutting poll booth numbers from Bernie leaning states and counties when compared to the poll booth numbers from the 2012 election in states such as [[Arizona]]. The DNC wanted to tag the Jewish Vermont Senator in the Bible Belt as an "atheist", in an attempt to give her another advantage in the early Southern primaries. The DNC scheduled the Democratic primary debates during days of the week when most Americans wouldn't watch, such as Friday and Saturday nights. This was done in order to keep interest in the Democratic primary debates low and with Mrs. Clinton obviously having more name recognition, would have an early advantage on her lesser known opponents. Meanwhile, the Republican primary debates aired during "primetime" for undecided voters who may not have been familiar with all of the available candidates.<ref>[]</ref>
On February 2, 2017 ''Politico'' reported 5 House IT staffers, including 3 brothers later identified as Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan, were relieved of access to House computers and had been under criminal investigation since late 2016.<ref></ref> The brothers managed office information technology for Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee handling matters on war and [[terrorism]].<ref></ref> Imran Awan worked for ex-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz,<ref>http</ref> had access to her iPad and password,<ref></ref> took $100,000 in cash from an [[Iraq]]i company,<ref></ref> and was a suspect in the leaking of DNC emails to Wikileaks. Despite verbose allegations of "Russian hacking," the DNC never allowed the FBI to examine its servers to determine if indeed the DNC had been hacked, or did the [[leak]]s come from an inside source.<ref></ref> The suspects may have been involved in a leak of information that lead to the ambush and death of Navy SEAL William Ryan Owen.<ref></ref> Furthermore, because the suspects were [[Muslim]],<ref></ref> their activities were covered up and they were not fired til after the death of Owen. Even then, they were initially relieved of duties without their names being released, two weeks later fired,<ref></ref> and three weeks after that in a series of press leaks identified as prime suspects in what the media called the "Russian hacking" scandal.
On May 18, 2017 Wasserman Schultz threatened the Capital police chief for impounding evidence in the [[Awan investigation]]. The Awan brothers were former IT specialists working for Wasserman Schultz with access to DNC data, and for House Democrats on the Intelligence Committee.<ref> </ref>
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