William de la Pole

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William de la Pole (1396-1450), earl, marquis then 1st duke of Suffolk, fought with Henry V in France, then, with the aid of Cardinal Beaufort, was appointed steward of the young king Henry VI’s household. He became the king’s chief advisor after the cardinal's death, and is said to have organised royal patronage in such a way as to increase his income at the expense of the realm’s. He formed a faction around him that believed in negotiating with France - which was greatly strengthened when it drew the approval of the king’s bride, the strong-willed Margaret of Anjou, whose marriage he had arranged

The agreement that the fief of Maine would be transferred to the French crown as part of the wedding agreement was highly resented in England and led to his enemies forcing his impeachment by parliament, banishment from England and his murder on the way to France.