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Dave Rosenberg
Date of birth 1977
Wife Allison Rosenberg

Dave Rosenberg (born April 27, 1977) is a fiscal conservative who was a candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives District 50 in 2010. He announced his candidacy on March 25, 2010.[1]

Personal Background

Dave Rosenberg was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1977. His mother (an elementary school teacher) and father (a retirement planner) worked hard to instill in Dave and his older brother a deep sense of values—concern for others, personal responsibility, and a sense of purpose.

Rosenberg attended public school for all but two years of his primary education. While in high school, he worked at a religious day camp as a counselor to children between three and six years old. Beginning on his sixteenth birthday, he worked 30 hours a week as a cashier, bagger, and accountant at a local grocery store. He was also Managing Editor of his high school newspaper and a member of the National Honor Society. He was accepted into the College of Charleston on a full scholarship but chose instead to attend the University of Georgia as a recipient of the HOPE Scholarship, Georgia Food Industry Association Scholarship, and a privately funded scholarship endowed by families of his high school peers. He graduated with a bachelor of business administration degree.

Upon graduation, Rosenberg worked for a pair of Silicon Valley technology firms before moving back to the South, where he soon met his future wife. They quickly moved to their new hometown of Nashville when Dave cofounded a Nashville-based business with a college acquaintance. Dave and Allison Rosenberg married in 2005. They welcomed their first son in 2007 and their second son in 2009. The Rosenbergs live in their Bellevue home with their chocolate lab.

Professional Background

In addition to working a series of part-time jobs in high school and college as a camp counselor and grocery store worker, Rosenberg spent time developing a Web development business as a side project. His first job out of college was as a business associate with a Silicon Valley marketing firm, where he co-managed various Web projects. As the "dot com" boom began to subside, he moved onto another company, where he worked to enhance the value of client brands such as Oracle. After less than a year in Silicon Valley, he moved back home to the South to be closer to his family and concentrate on Web development.

Rosenberg soon found another non-Web venture to which he allocated time: He and a Nashvillian college acquaintance designed, developed and distributed a bimonthly publication that sought to facilitate the transfer of commercial real estate between interested parties in middle Tennessee. This successful business was sold to an outside buyer less than a year after its inception, at which point Rosenberg returned to full-time Web development.

Rosenberg has designed, developed, and administered Web sites and other business marketing for entities including universities like Vanderbilt; commercial and residential real estate firms; musicians and talent agencies; politicians, strategists, and advocacy firms; and nonprofit organizations. Terrapin Web Design continues to be Rosenberg's primary focus.[2]

Political Campaign

Rosenberg announced as an independent candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives District 50 seat, currently held by Rep. Gary Moore (D-Joelton), on March 25, 2010. He advocates smaller state government with greater accountability. According to his Web site, Rosenberg's primary issues are Education, Taxes & Government Waste, Ethics & Accountability, and Federal Redistricting.