Lucius Q.C. Lamar II

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Lucius Quintus Cincinatus Lamar II
Former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
From: January 16, 1888 – January 23, 1893
NominatorGrover Cleveland
PredecessorWilliam B. Woods
SuccessorHowell E. Jackson
16th United States Secretary of the Interior
From: March 6, 1885 – January 10, 1888
PresidentGrover Cleveland
PredecessorHenry Moore Teller
SuccessorWilliam Freeman Vilas
Former U.S. Senator from Mississippi
From: March 4, 1877–March 6, 1885
PredecessorJames L. Alcorn
SuccessorEdward C. Walthall
Former U.S. Representative from Mississippi's 1st District
From: 1857-1861; 1873-1877
PredecessorDaniel B. Wright; George E. Harris
Successorvacant; Henry Muldrow
Party Democrat

Lucius Quintus Cincinatus Lamar II was a Mississippi politician who served in all three branches of government - the judicial (as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States), the executive (as a member of the President's cabinet) and the legislative (in both houses). He served for the Confederacy during the Civil War, but was pardoned.[1]


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