Richard Dawkins Website

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Jump to: navigation, search (Also Is a website run by/for Richard Dawkins through which he sells books, videos, and various merchandise; as well as the home to his forums. The website is cluttered and busy looking, with very little sense of direction. On the front page there is a banner across the top with a picture of Richard Dawkins and the name of the site. Below that there is a navigation bar, below that there is a second banner directing people to buy his latest book The Greatest Show on Earth; a list of videos for sale is available down the left hand side of the page, and a list of books down the right hand side. Framed by these commercial spaces is a narrow column with various atheist news pieces and a wide column with large graphics directing visitors to the site store and presenting them with an excerpt of his latest book and a large professional photograph of Richard Dawkins. In short, is a commercial site for promoting Richard Dawkins and selling products to enrich him.